Sterckeman / The Company

An open door to happiness

“Your own little corner of paradise, a few square meters of happiness to take everywhere”: this has been the definition of STERCKEMAN motorhomes for over seventy years.


Our technical expertise, our know-how and our recognized competence in terms of design are found at the heart of our 2017 collection, 100% made in France.

As a couple, in a family, with grandchildren or friends, at the seaside, in the mountains or on the road, one of the STERCKEMAN models is just what you need.

Located among the vineyards of the Rhône Valley in the Ardèche region of France, TRIGANO VDL designs and manufactures motorhomes and campers. With over 16,000 vehicles per year, 200,000 m2 of surface area (33 football fields) and more than 600 employees, TRIGANO VDL is the largest production unit in Europe.

The partner of your successful vacations and a recognized French brand for over 70 years, STERCKEMAN guarantees you vacations in a contemporary, well-equipped motorhome while enabling you to stay within your budget.