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A new design for a new collection. The STARLETT GRAPHITE 470CP provides all the standing space needed to feel at home.

Number of people
Overall length with trailer (m)
GVWR (kg)

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Technical characteristics


    • Berths : 4
    • Overall length : 6.4
    • External body length : 5.3
    • Overall height / Internal height : 4.7
    • Overall height / Internal height : 2,58/1,95
    • Overall width : 2.3
    • Internal width : 2.15
    • Empty weight : 1080
    • Mass in running order +/-5% : 1097
    • Max authorized weight : 1300
    • Administrative payload modification : 1200/1500
    • Awning length +/-5% : 9.44
    • Spare wheel dimensions : 175R14C

    • Stabiliser coupling AKS 3004
    • Shock-absorbers
    • Longer corner steadies
    • Heavy duty corner steadies (x4)
    • Steel spare wheel (front trunk)
    • Spare-wheel fixation (front trunk)
    • Aluminum wheels
    • Drawbar cover
    • Exclusive IRP Technology
    • Polyester side walls
    • Entrance door with black window
    • Luggage door (100x40 cm)
    • Double-paned opening window : 6
    • Front window
    • Awning light
    • Roof bar black
    • Bike stand preparation rear

    • Mosquito-net entrance door
    • Combined blinds & fly nets
    • Skylight (70x50 cm)
    • Smoke detector
    • TV Brackett
    • LED spotlights for reading with USB

    • Boiler Truma Therme 5L (230V)
    • Heater TRUMA 3004 (GAS)
    • Blown air (12V)

    • Compressor Fridge XL FREEZE 150L
    • Combined 3-burner stove and stainless steel sink with glass cover
    • Fresh water tank 50L (Fixed)
    • Waste water tank 30L (Wheeled)

    • Shower tray
    • Flexible handshower
    • Shower curtain
    • Shower column
    • Electric cassette toilet

    • Dimensions front bed (cm) : 120/150x210
    • Dimensions rear bed (cm) : 140x200
    • Liftable slatted bed base
    • Matresses 15 cm thick

    • Control panel
    • Transformer/charger module 230V/12V including ground fault circuit breaker
    • Light dimmer
    • Pre equipment Air-conditioning
    • Pre equipment Leisure battery
    • Pre equipment TV : SAT and 230V sockets
    • Sockets 230V : 5
    • LED interior lighting



    • Anti-snaking system ATC (factory fitted)
    • Air-conditioning

    • Auxiliary heater ULTRAHEAT (230V)
    • Electrical floor heating

Sterckeman Packs

  • pack touring luxe :

    Shock-absorbers, Stabiliser coupling AKS 3004, Luggage door (75x30cm), Spare-wheel fixation (front trunk), Fresh water tank 50L (Fixed), Waste water tank 30L (Wheeled)
  • pack douche easy :

    Boiler Truma Therme 5L (230V), Flexible handshower, Shower curtain, Shower column + Flexible handshower (depending on model)
  • pack premium :

    Skylight (90x60 cm) (1), Kit Comfort (2 Headrests, 2 Lumbar supports, 2 Decorative cushions), Aluminum spare wheel (under-floor), Exterior Gas socket, Electric doorstep, Exterior handshower socket, Exterior city water socket, Exterior TV socket on the awning side (12V/230V), Luggage door (75x30 cm) (2), Drawbar cover, Administrative payload modification, Smoke detector, Aluminum wheels, Heater / Boiler (10L) TRUMA COMBI 6E (230V/GAS) (3), Ventilated skylight (40x40 cm) with towel rail, (1) Instead of the Skylight (70x50 cm), (2) Sauf pour les implantations 496PE KID'S et 580PE KID'S, (3) En lieu et place du COMBI 4 pour les implantations 540CP / 542LJ / 580PE KID'S
  • pack arctic :

    Air-conditioning, Auxiliary heater ULTRAHEAT (230V), Electrical floor heating
  • connect pack included :

    Heater / Boiler (10L) TRUMA COMBI 6E (230V/GAS), Aluminum wheels, Aluminum spare wheel (under-floor), Spare-wheel fixation (under-floor), Drawbar cover, Pre equipment TV : SAT and 230V sockets, Pre equipement Solar panel, Integrated owen/grill (GAS), Extractor hood, Exterior city water socket, Exterior TV socket on the awning side (12V/230V), Luggage door (100x40 cm) x2, Liftable slatted bed base, Matresses 17 cm thick, Ventilated skylight (40x40 cm) with towel rail, Skylight (70x50 cm), Skylight (90x60 cm), Aluminum wheels, Rounded lounge with headrest, Electric doorstep, Folding table on central leg with flexible top, Technical payload modification (1900kg), Night lighting on the ground, Shower column with light, LED lights under cupboards, Smoke detector
  • fully equipped :

    Blown air (12V), Administrative payload modification (1500 Kg), Heavy duty corner steadies (x4), Aluminum wheels, Drawbar cover, Combined blinds & fly nets, Control panel, Roof bar black, ABS rear bumper with integreated rear lights, Entrance door with black window, Polyester side walls, TV Brackett, Cushions "Austin", Bedspread (Depending on model), Adjustable head bed part (Depending on model), Front window (Depending on model), Additional upper cupboard, Compressor Fridge XL FREEZE 150L (Depending on model), Smoke detector, Pre equipment Leisure battery

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